Saturday 20th May

The Taste of Toledo street fair  is held on Front Street in Punta Gorda town, from the Uno gas station all the way to the Punta Gorda library. The pedstrian-only street fair features cultural displays and areas showcasing Toledo's five main ethnic groups: Kriol, Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo and East Indian. Each area displays art, food and music from their culture, it is like going from a Maya town to a Garifuna town in just a few steps.

Held along Front Street, you can enjoy a cooling sea breeze and a party atmosphere with musical performances at the main stage area (including PG's Umalali group, and Talla Walla Vibration) and dancing performances from all the culture groups.

kids activities

Barbecued food, chocolate making, kayak trips, chocolate farm trips, there's something for everyone. Taste exciting new chocolate flavours, buy local food, crafts and relax with a cold beer while enjoying live music on stage outside the court building.

As you'd expect at a chocolate festival, each booth has some connection with chocolate or cacao,from chocolate soaps to hand-carved wooden masks depicting cacao. The Belize chocolatiers will also be on hand to talk about chocolate and provide an opportunity for you to buy their many and varied creations.

As always, children can get involved with the Chocolate Festival through our Cacao for Kids activities, leaving parents free to enjoy the street fair whilst knowing that their children are in a safe, supervised environment.

Cacao for Kids activities include:

How could we forget the Puppetteers will be doing shows for the kids! This all take place at PG Methodists School on Front Street. This year the street fair will be from 12 noon to 9pm.Closing of the street fair with fireworks on the boat warf.

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